‘Dirty meat’: Shocking hygiene failings discovered in US pig and chicken plants

Previously unseen government chronicles detail deeply worrying incidents in pork and poultry bushes, collecting panics of dirty meat registering the UK under a post-Brexit busines deal

Shocking hygiene miscarries have been discovered in some of the US’s biggest meat weeds, as a brand-new analysis reveals that as many as 15%( one in seven) of the US population suffers from foodborne illnesses yearly.

A joint investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism( TBIJ) and the Guardian found that hygiene happens are at multitudes that experts described as “deeply worrying”.

US campaigners are announcing once again for the closure of a legal loophole that allows flesh with salmonella to be sold in the human rights give chain, and also warn about the industry’s push to speed up product in the country’s meat plants. And UK activists advise that the UK could be inundated with “dirty meat” if a US trade deal is ratified post-Brexit.

The unpublished US- government registers highlight countless specific occurrences including 😛 TAGEND

Diseased poultry meat that had been condemned may be in containers used to hold palatable food products;

Pig carcasses piling up on the factory floor after an rig failure, to move to contamination with grease, blood and other slime;

Meat destined for the human rights food chain determined riddled with faecal matter and abscesses filled with pus;

High-power hoses used in order to clean-living grime floors next to working production lines containing food products;

Factory floors spate with unclean liquid after drains became blocked by flesh parts and other debris;

Dirty chicken, soiled with faeces or having been sagged on the flooring, being put back on to the production line after being cleaned with diluted chlorine.


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