PAX Labs brings on Bharat Vasan as new CEO

PAX Labs has a brand-new CEO.

The company, which makes loose-leaf vaporizers, has brought on Bharat Vasan as Chief Executive Officer.

Vasan has invested the last 15 years in purchaser equipment, serving as the President and COO of August Home, which was acquired by Swedish fasten manufacturer Assa Abloy in 2017. Before August, Vasan was the cofounder of Basis( a fitness-based wearable company ), which was acquired by Intel in 2014 for $100 million.

Vasan has also depleted time in the corporate world, serving as the COO and CFO for Electronic Arts’ Online team and participating on the world M& A team from 2002 to 2010.

Vasan comes on during an interesting time for the company. In June, Juul( the e-cigarette chapter of PAX Labs) spun out from its parent corporation searching $150 million in funding. In December, PAX Labs CEO Tyler Goldman left to pursue other entrepreneurial goals as the Juul CEO, Kevin Burns, stepped into the position.

But with the companies split, it doesn’t make sense to share a CEO. And so Vasan has taken on the challenge of guiding PAX Labs.

Vasan says that PAX Labs plans to bring out between 50 and 100 new hires over the next 12 months across all departments. But his central focus is building a great culture within the company.

“There have been a lot of huge high-growth corporations in the Valley, but as they scale it’s hard to maintain a great lieu for beings to act, particularly in hardware fellowships, ” said Vasan. “Hardware is a quite complex ecosystem. We have emergence and a great business and we’re scaling speedily, but my biggest challenge is to build a culture where the values, and being duty driven keeps beings agitated to come to work.”

Editors’ Documents: This announce mistakenly said that the Juul/ PAX separate has been the case in December. It has been updated to reflect that the split was finalized in June.


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